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Industrial Services

Metro Metals Northwest, Inc. is the largest industrial-based scrap metal company in the region, serving customers throughout the Northwest. Operating on 25 acres and a 75,000 square foot facility, our ferrous and nonferrous divisions combine efficient recycling with environmental responsibility.Our Columbia Boulevard Plant processes both ferrous and nonferrous materials. We sort, size and package each segregated material to be sold to smelters or foundries. We process and recycle a wide variety of materials such as steel, tin, aluminum, copper, brass, stainless steel, and plastics. Customer service is unmatched with a fleet of over 60 trucks and 3500 drop boxes of various sizes. The turnaround time on a dispatch call is typically twenty four hours. Pacific Coast Shredding (our shredding operation) is located in Vancouver, Washington. The finished product is then sold to steel mills internationally and throughout the United States.

Frequently Asked Questions

Yes we do.

The price changes daily. Please call for more information

The boxes range from a 4 x 3 to 40yd rolloff boxes.

No. There may be a trucking cost if the minimum of 6000 lbs is not met.

We accept both ferrous and nonferrous metals.

About 10 tons max.

It depends on material and weight.

You can be paid the same day.