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Retail Services

Metro Metals Northwest, Inc. is the largest industrial-based scrap metal company in the region, serving customers throughout the Northwest. Operating on 25 acres and a 75,000 square foot facility, our ferrous and nonferrous divisions combine efficient recycling with environmental responsibility.

The public is welcome and Metro Metals is well equipped to buy your metal. Our Columbia Blvd location provides easy access from 1-5 and I-205. Simply drive in to our ferrous scale or park and unload and get your nonferrous metals weighed at our covered nonferrous scale location. We provide bins and equipment necessary to help you unload and weigh your materials. Our scale personnel will help sort your material and will pay for all of your metal, including steel, aluminum, copper, stainless steel, brass, and tin.

Frequently Asked Questions

No, we can help you when you arrive. 

Ferrous material (Steel/Autos) is paid for immediately with a check or cash from our onsite ATM.

Nonferrous Material (Copper/Brass/Aluminum/Stainless Steel/Etc)  will be paid for by check.  We mail after 3 business days from sale following state law.

Following the State Law - Certain business entities can receive cash or check someday - ABN do not work.

If you need help please call one of our NF buyers at (503) 287-8861 for clarification

We buy Automobiles are our Portland and Vancouver Locations.

Please call ahead for the newest rules and regulations depending on what location. 

Ask for Ferrous Scale

We accept Refrigerators:

Option:1 - $10 cash charge paid upon drop off

Option:2 - Refrigerant must be evacuated by an EPA-CERTIFIED Recovery Technician prior to delivery in accordance to Federal Regulations. (Sealed Unit must be removed)

If Option: 2 - We will have you fill out a form with Recovery Tech Info



1 pound of material - anything less our State-Certified Scales will not weigh them

Metal Markets are constantly in flux - Please call ahead for a 24 hour quote to lock in price